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Traube’s Space

Traube's space

Traube’s space is quadrangular space occupied by the fundus of stomach normally.It is resonant normally. Surface anatomy of Traube’s space Draw two parallel vertical lines, one from the left 6th costochondral junction and another from the 9th rib in mid axillary line. Then connect the two lines above from the left 6th costochondral junction to the 9th rib in mid ... Read More »

Hepatojugular reflux

How to perform hepatojugular reflux

Hepatojugular reflux is also known as abdominojugular reflux.Pressing firmly over the right upper quadrant (liver area) causes the jugular venous pressure (JVP) to become more obvious and sometimes visibly higher. A positive hepatojugular reflex is present if there is an increase in JVP of more than 3 cm H2O for longer than 15 seconds. Read More »


Clubbing in toe and hands

Clubbing is selective bulbous enlargement of the distal portion of the digit due to increased subungual soft tissue.The normal angle between the nail and the nail-bed is 160° and is known as the Lovibond angle. The minimum duration required for clubbing to manifest is 2 to 3 weeks. Clubbing first appears in the index finger. Read More »

Jugular Venous Pressure

Jugular Venous Pressure

Jugular venous pressure (JVP) is expressed as the vertical height from the sternal angle to the zone of transition of distended and collapsed internal jugular veins. When measured with the patient reclining at 45° is normally about 4-5 cm. Which vein is selected for Measuring Jugular Venous Pressure? Right Internal Jugular Vein Why Right Internal Jugular Vein is Selected ? ... Read More »

Korotkoff Sounds

Kortkoff Sound

Korotkoff sounds are sound heard by medical personnel while accessing Blood Pressure which is produced by turbulent flow in the brachial artery. Korotkoff sounds a should be examined preferably with  bell of the stethoscope. There are five phases of korotkoff sounds, i.e. the sounds produced by the flow of blood as the constricting BP cuff is gradually released. Read More »

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